Food for Special Medical Purposes
with Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)
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In Italy up to 50% of hospital patients are at risk of malnutrition by default. Failure to treat this condition significantly affects the effects of treatment, as well as the costs of the National Health Service.

Patients have the right to a correct diagnosis of their nutritional status and to be taken care of by competent doctors in the field of clinical nutrition: the promotion of the culture of clinical nutrition and scientific evidence is indispensable.

Alterations of the nutritional status are very common in cancer patients, for whom malnutrition by default is considered "a disease in the disease".

The results of scientific publications show that taking Prother® offers adequate clinical nutrition, while reducing the toxicity induced by chemotherapy treatments. It means making important nutritional support available to cancer patients that can have a positive effect not only on their quality of life, but also on the prognosis.

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